Colorado Nonprofit Law, PLLC is a boutique law firm that focuses exclusively on serving the nonprofit sector. We understand that a sustainable and successful nonprofit organization requires more than just passion and commitment; it also requires knowledge about the laws that protect its interests and its people.

While our practice area is narrow, the scope of our services is broad. We advise clients on those matters that most often benefit from legal counsel, including formation, compliance, governance, business transactions, and program development issues.

When we accept an organization as a client of the firm, we are making a commitment to support the organization’s long-term success and sustainability.  We carry out this commitment by helping the organization’s leaders to become self-reliant. We want our clients to understand the rationale behind the law and how it applies to their specific organization’s activities. With this knowledge, the organization’s leaders will be better equipped to make informed decisions in the future.

Because Colorado Nonprofit Law, PLLC is a small firm without the overhead of a large firm, we are able to charge a reasonable fee for our services. Depending on the scope of the project, and how well we already know the client organization, we typically charge a flat or fixed fee for services.